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Fredericksburg Area Young Musicians

Please read the below schedule very carefully!

All Thursday classes will meet AS SCHEDULED, unless indicated below (Men's Chorus and Band 2 have a time change). Click here for the complete Thursday schedule with room numbers.

Because Wednesday students missed their first class, MOST Wednesday classes have the opportunity to jump in at least for a short time to get materials and some instruction.

Rising Notes - Thursday at 11:00.

Men's Chorus will come to FAYM Singers at 12:00.

Concert Choir - Thursday at 2:00. (band/strings students, go to concert choir for 30 minutes, then come down to band/strings 3/4)

Theory 1, 3, and 5, you WILL have a class at 1:00 on Thursday. You will join the Theory 2, 4, and 6 classes.

Intro Strings - 10AM Thursday.

Strings 1/2 - Both meet at 12 noon Thursday.

Strings 3/4 - Both meet at 2:00 Thursday (concert choir students go to Concert Choir until 2:30)

Strings 4 will stay with Band 4 until 3:45.

Bands 1/2 - BOTH meet at 11:00 Thursday, dismiss at 12:00. (Percussion 2 students will come to Room 100 at 11:15 because of their percussion class.

If you do not see your Wednesday class listed here, it will not meet on Thursday.

If you do not see your Thursday class listed here, it WILL meet at the regular time on Thursday.


ATTENTION: Registration for the Spring 2015 semester is open!

Registration runs from December 26 to January 4.

Late registration runs from January 5 to January 16 ($10 late registration fee).

Elementary Music 1 - FULL and CLOSED

Elementary Music 2 - 2 spots left

Recorder - 1 spot left

Beginning Piano 1 - CLOSED

Beginning Guitar 1 - 7 spots left

Congratulations to these students accepted into the HS All-District Band:

Brendan S., Travis E., Ariana S., Sam B., J.T. H.

Congrats to our Regional Orchestra participants:

JRO - Kelsey P., Lydia F., Talitha M., Grace F., Ryleigh W., Aaron S., Mikaelyn K.

SRO - Brendan S., Kaylee P., Olivia L., Ella L., James A., Brianna F., Melissa S., Connor S.

Congrats to these students selected for District Chorus:

Middle School - Jessica A., Caitlyn H., Nathan G.

High School Treble - Cameron B., Kiera I., Devon M., Danica R., Celeste S., Victoria Z.

High School Mixed - Jessica A., Maeve M., Brendan S., Zach T., Natalie W., Grace M.

Welcome to the home page of FAYM - Fredericksburg Area Young Musicians!

We are a group that provides music classes and ensembles to homeschooled students in the greater Fredericksburg area. FAYM classes run through the Fall and Spring semesters. FAYM does not offer classes during the summer.

Registration for the Fall semester usually starts in late July. 

Registration for the Spring semester usually starts soon after Christmas.

Some of our class offerings include:

  • Band (5 levels)
  • Orchestra (5 levels)
  • Choir (4 groups)
  • Music Theory (6 levels)
  • AP Music Theory (officially audited by the College Board)
  • Beginning Group Guitar (2 levels)
  • Beginning Group Piano (2 levels)
  • Recorder (2 levels)
  • Elementary Music (2 levels)

Most of your questions can be answered by browsing through our website. If you have any other questions or comments, please email 

Thanks for looking!

FAYM is a group that is dedicated to providing musical classes, ensembles, and opportunities to ALL homeschoolers in the greater Fredericksburg area, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or background.

FAYM fills a need of our homeschooling community to provide a musical outlet to ALL homeschooling students and families. Music that is practiced/performed by each class may be secular or sacred, Christian or Jewish, holiday, popular, classical, patriotic or folk songs, broadway or movie music, but all music is family-friendly.

Current FAYM students need to subscribe to the FAYM Yahoo group. Please subscribe by clicking on the link below.

Please do not subscribe if you are not a current FAYM student. Those requests will be denied. (Current students, please state your name when signing up for the Yahoo group.)
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Updated Jan. 14, 2015