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Registration for the fall semester is now over. If you missed the fall semester, watch for registration for our spring semester! Classes start in January. Registration will open on December 26.

An important message about SmartMusic: The old SmartMusic Classic is being retired. The current new version is the only way to link up to your FAYM classes. Ask your teacher for a class code to connect to your FAYM class on the NEW SmartMusic.

All Band, Orchestra, and Chorus classes use SmartMusic for assignments and grading. Other classes may use it as well, such as Music Theory or Recorder. Please check with your teacher to see if your class will be using the program. As always, the SmartMusic program is not required in order to participate in any class, but is highly recommended as a practice and assessment tool.

Congratulations to these students who were accepted into the Senior Regional Orchestra:
K. Payne, G. Fiegl, L. Foster, C. Boyd, T. Muggeridge, D. Snell

Congrats to these students for a successful audition into the Junior Regional Orchestra:
N. Fiegl, S. Lang, C. Yusko

Congratulations to A. Shirk for being accepted into the All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble!

Congrats to the students who auditioned into the High School District Chorus:
S. Cavett, R. Kendzie, T. Muggeridge, J. Anibal, R. Fitzgerald, M.J. Buckner

Congratulations to these students for acceptance into Middle School District Chorus:
A. Wallo, M. Carney

Congrats to the students who were accepted into High School District Band:
C. Boyd, R. Fitzgerald, G. Jones, A. Shirk, J. Hinson, J. Gross, J. Parker, J.T. Hinson, H. Rose

Congratulations to these students who were accepted into Middle School District Band:
L. Johnson, T. Johnson, R. Christianson, E. Rose, J. Beck, Y. Twum, Z. Twum

Congrats to Talitha M. for being accepted into All-VA Choir!
Congrats to Kelsey P. for being accepted into All-VA Orchestra!

Class handouts from band/strings class are available for download. Click HERE

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Updated Sept. 8, 2019