Fredericksburg Area Young Musicians

Recorder Classes and WindStars1

There are two levels of Recorder Classes, all for students aged 6 to 8.
Length - one semester (each level).
Class size - 5 (min.) to 11 (max.)

Recorder Class Testup Requirements

There are currently no testup requirements for students to move from one level to the next, although the class teacher may determine if a student needs to repeat a level before moving up.

Recorder Class Prerequisites

Ages - 6 to 8 - once started with level 1, students may complete all levels of this class, even if they age out in the upper levels
No previous musical experience required to enroll in level 1
Enrollment in level 2 requires completion of level 1
Enrollment in WindStars1 requires completion of Recorder 1

Recorder Class Descriptions

Recorder Class 1

A pre-band or -orchestra class. The Recorder Class is an introductory music class for students 6 to 8 years old. Students will learn the basics of music, including ensemble playing and music notation, through the study of the recorder. Throughout the semester, students will also be exposed and introduced to each instrument of the band and orchestra.

daily practice of assignments

Required Book:  Recorder Express, by Artie Almeida, published by Alfred

Materials required:
folding music stand; pencil; students do NOT need to bring their own recorder. One will be provided. There are many different kinds of recorders, and many different levels of quality in how they are made. In order to be consistent, the teacher will provide recorders for the students to purchase at the first class. Cost for one recorder - $5.

Recorder Class 2

The Recorder Class 2 will continue where Recorder 1 left off, developing more right hand control, and learning more about music notation and rhythm.

daily practice of assignments

Required Book:  No new book required - continue with the same book from Recorder 1

Materials required:
folding music stand; pencil; students should bring the same recorder they used in the level 1 class.


This class is a slightly more advanced alternative option to Recorder 1 and will incorporate some of the transitional instruments made by the NUVO company, specifically the DOOD (introductory clarinet/saxophone) and the TOOT (introductory flute). FAYM will provide the new instruments to be studied, although parents can opt to purchase one, if desired. Information on purchasing an instrument will be given directly by the teacher. Students will spend several weeks each on a DOOD and a TOOT. Each student will be given an instrument to use, take home for practice, and return to class each week. Other musical skills including breathing, tonguing, and embouchure; reading and writing notes and rhythms; and ensemble skills.

Information on the NUVO instruments can be found here: http://www.nuvoinstrumental.com/products/toot/  and  http://www.nuvoinstrumental.com/products/dood/

daily practice of assignments
Required Book:  WindStars1, to be purchased in class

Materials required:
folding music stand; pencil; The NUVO instruments will be provided for the students to use and bring back each week.